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Darshini Suresh
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In India a girl is made to marry an adult man and I feel because of this sin, many girls go throughout domestic violence inside their houses. I feel this is the root cause.
Early marriage causes the girl to be forced to conceive due to societial pressure. They are forced to prove their fertility as soon as they are married at a very young age. This can lead to many maternal health issues too. A young girl with minimal or no education who us raised to be submissive and subservient and gets married to an older man, has high chances to negotiate sexual activity.This behavior may end up unto many health complications for the girl.
Due to not having knowledge about the puberty and bodily changes, it becomee very hard for a girl to go through pregnancy changes. She may go through physical pain which she wasn’t even aware offoff during sexual intercourse at a very early age, which may result in psychological Immaturity if their sexual organs.
Today even though child marriage is a crime, many families still follow this crime and yet no one talks about it. There need to be change made in the thinking of such peoplepeople. Only mere legislation is not going to bring about change.Support from society is all needed.