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Darshini Suresh
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There is a lack of medical treatment in remote places where women find it very difficult to get appointments of doctors during pregnancy. A women in a village,like any women living in a city should have access to all the medical treatments.
Due to lack of these medical treatments women tend first, to not know what kind of medical problem they are actually going through. Not taking proper care for its treatment would surely lead to various health problems which may even lead to death.Pregnancy is the an very sensitive feeling for a woman with emotions in her entire life. The art of giving birth to another living being. But sadly due to improper treatment and lack of medical supply, many woman lose their baby inside the womb itself or sometimes right after the delivery. Sometimes women itself die during delivery due to medical conceptions.
Government Should raise funds to build hospital in every or at least near each village for women to have access to medication when needed. Doctors who practise MBBS should do their practice training in government hospitals which are close to such locations. To a patient, a doctor is GOD.
Safety measures and campaigns should be put up to spread awareness about all the problems during maternity and assist helpline numbers for help.