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Darshini Suresh
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Even though the Indian government had passed a strong statement regarding the education of female children, yet India has one of the lowest literacy rates less that 40 percent. Which means millions of girl children aren’t sent to school in our country. What a shame isn’t it? Everyone has the right to education and yet no everyone is able to take this service.
Education is going to decide the future of our country.Many mindstets still process as olden times that a girl should limit herself only till housework and nothing more. This mindshet should be change through campaigns and government policies. Free education is available now in many government schools and every girl has the equal rights to take access of this. Attaining education will bring in a sense of maturity in a women which will help her taking best decisions for herself and bring about a self-esteem in her.
So I would sum up by saying that education should be modernised and free text books should also be provided by the government to places where girls are not that well-off. Raising campaigns regarding girl child education should be in the motive of removing loopholes out of people’s mind. This will bring about change as they say “Beti padhao! Beti Bachao!” Should be followed at every path. Women should be allowed to dream and everyone has the right to do so.