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Abhishek Sharma
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“There is no chance of the welfare of the world unless the condition of women is improved. It is not possible for a bird to fly on one wing.” – Swami Vivekananda

Though the status of women in India, both historically and socially, has been one of the respect and reverence, but the hard truth is that even today, they are struggling for their own identity, shouting for diffusion of their voices and fighting for their own esteem. Every day, they cross among the fears and fraught for individuality. Despite the constitutional guarantee of equality of sexes, rampant discrimination and exploitation of women in India continues. The incidence of dowry deaths, woman sexual harassment, molestation and ill-treatment of women are on increase. It is high time now that women should get a respectable and dignified position in the Indian society. Awareness in the women as well as society should be created and their equal rights should be effectively implemented. Crimes against women should be made punishable and a In the era of globalization and with revolution in means of communication and information technology, the media role has become more crucial for women empowerment in Indian modern society. In modern society changes have been taking place in everywhere in almost every field but to protect honour of women. International Women Day is celebrated, a number of women organizations have been working for women freedom and empowerment. But all of those are external in nature as mentality is the product of society and culture. In the same family, a boy gets more liberty than a girl. Moreover, there is lack of security of girls in Indian society. In Indian modern society it is very much essential to all women get educated to solve all women issues in any society and in any circumstance, in order to live with honour, Education will only give them strength and societal status. This will increase the women smooth living in modern society. Every woman has a fundamental right to be safe Protesting injustice, if a woman is able to protest herself with the right and education, then that protest her life becomes miserable. It should be remembered that the socio economic empowerment must be ensured by the nation to minimize the exploitation which can help to improve the status of women.
Now, the world is changing and acknowledging women as a prestige of this society. I hope the world will not be a cruel place for a women anymore.