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Wafiya Sultana
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We all know that this world is simply men dominated, the name is men dominated, and last the whole society is men dominating. The place for women in this men dominating society is no where. The women are called as the backbone of the society but we all know that this is just a saying like other sayings and like other things. The world stands because of women but where is the right stand for women in this world. Exploitation of women is actually a very common thing in the world. Every day don’t know how many women have been raped by the animals of the society, don’t know how many brides parents are forced for the dowry, how many of them receive sexual threats messages and calls every day, many husbands in the society whenever they are angry, they beat their wife and children so that he can make himself stress free, he can do this and why not because he is the supreme of the family, he earns money, so he can whatever he wants. According to him the role of wives are nothing, they just have to cook3 times meals, washing dishes and clothes, looking after the children. These things are simple and easy that anyone can do this. After all they don’t earn anything, so it is thin responsibility. These type s of statements are most common for men. They usually thinks in this way.
Exploitation of women are done on a daily basis, people think and women also thinks that they are only made for the kitchen. Any person found to misbehaving with the victim at any stage of investigation must be punished by sentence. This will defiantly helps in improving the rate of reporting assaults on women. The life of a normal girl starts with sacrifice. First their parents tell them to sacrifice, then their husbands and at the end the chance of the society comes. Actually, the sacrifice of women starts from the womb. Everyone wants a Male child cause he look after them when they reach their old age and also he can earn money and one more thing. At first the sex of the embryo is determined and if the sex of the embryo is female then it will simply aborted and the saddest part in this that they women also don’t want girl child. This has been going on for centuries. The exploitation of women in the society is not only because of men but women are also equally responsible. They never raised their voice and if one of them raised her voice, then the women itself stop her. Violence against women are increasing day by day and the wine who can stop is women itself. Women are not less than men in any aspects. There is a solution of every problem. For reducing women exploitation, we should offer high level of education to girls and increase women empowerment. We should also give them opportunity in active politics & social activities They just have to realise with what power they are born with because a man can’t bear the pain of giving birth and he can’t even bear the periodic pain. So, women it’s your time think about yourself and stand with all the power you have.