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I have read all the above thoughts and what other people think. I am afraid that people yelling for egalitarianism think only women get raped. I know the number and vulnerability associated with women is more than a man. But I think we also need to let our focus go through men getting raped.

Above from culture , marriage, religion, and everything . Rape is rape whether it is with a man or a woman . Nobody is allowed to force his or her sexual desires on other without consent .

Another thing what do you guys think criminalising will solve the problem.There are no parameters yet to confirm who is getting raped.

How can you ensure a woman saying she got raped under the veil of marriage has actually got raped ?

It’s up to the reader you can consider me a misogynist or a male chauvinist. But a voilence is considered as voilence when it is applied on both the sexs ( considering binary only) as humiliation.

There are more than one facet to this problem.

#Think Equality