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Education on Menstrual is a must to everyone to know, not only Women, even men should know the difficulties, We women go during the period times. Though its very common issue for girls, But it is an issue where a majority of Indian people are not aware Menstrual. In India, Menstrual is still known as Dirty, impure. in society. But it is not Dirty. For women, it’s healthy when we bleed because we ooze out impure blood outside our body, nothing impurity is left in the body. But still, in India, especially Hindu girls when we are on period, we are not allowed to enter temple nor touch any utensils which related to God.
Still, IN India, Women talking about periods its shame, and women get embarrassed when we talk about sanitary pads and when some women go to buy pads they behave like they have done something wrong by picking pads if it is a bomb, We need to grow up now and stop hiding About menstrual,
We must be proved of it that God has given us to bleed because he knows we Women have so much mental strength, we can go through all the pain.So Girl be proud of it that You Bleed.