Clothed in beautiful traditional dresses, combed  sleekly and  to complement the image I my mother even used to put a bindi on my forehead. A beautiful, shimmering and shining dupatta enshrouded us, and then used to come a ‘tikka’ on our foreheads and a ‘moli’ on our wright hand. Many a times we were pleased to have bangles on our hands and that plate full halwa-puri used to be so delightful and lavishing to me. The whole scenario showed how devoted that people used to be for worshiping us as a picture of goddess. Little i know that that devotion was age-bonded.

As I grew older I was cleared with the picture that the ones they used to worship in some time, now they are only categorized as ‘impure’ at some point. This make me think can someone’s faith be parametric? Those who used to see me as a picture of their goddess now they only say me not to put my feet in the sacred temple, why? Just because- I bleed?  Many of us restrict our self from going to the temples, mosques and churches just because we are going through our menstruation time. Ask yourself, why? I am pretty sure that you all will end up, that our elders or moms told us so. But is that right to just blindly follow something without even knowing the reason behind it?

 Today also people are following this because they are unknowingly swimming in the hollow wave. In the past days during Vedic time also, the ladies were told to have rest which exempted them from their only work of kitchen and households, which with time came as keeping them outside the kitchen area. Due to the mood swings that females go through in these days they were not disturbed much and were left in their known, which people made that they are to be segregated from the normal people. During this time the ladies undergo sever pain in bones and muscles and as a result this creates a great temperature difference in and outside their body,  so they are suggested to give up bathing for that time so that it doesn’t affect their health and once again people themselves made the rule that women are not allowed to take bath during this time. And the only reason that women did not go to the temples was that this period made them go low both physically and mentally and also during this time they experienced foul odor, because previously there was nothing like specialized sanitary napkins and so to avoid any miss happening and disturbance in environment they restricted themselves to temples. And as a result of Indian sheep walk this gave rise to a very famous taboo of not letting women and girls entering sacred places during periods.

Since years we all have been fighting for equality for women for issues like, equal education to girls, letting them go out freely with boys doesn’t matter day or night, rising them along with the boys and making them independent by killing all the old time false stereotypes. Then why are we lacking to abolish this practice which is a result of a taboo, after this it is the choice of the females if they want to go or not.  How can you point a lady impure outside the temple and worship a goddess in the same temple.

Even now, who say that she is impure because she’s shedding impure blood, they should know that they are result of that nine month dirty blood only. So, ladies don’t get suppressed under this false statement and be free to go wherever you want and wear whatever you want. Happy to Bleed!

“Periods ka kya hai, ye to har maheene ate hai”