Women held high status and position in Ancient times. In later ages, her status deteriorated. Evidently, a majority of the women still do not enjoy equal status.

Just like Draupadi in Hindu mythology received respect from Lord Krishna in every aspect even after being chided or Queen Elizabeth perceived every sonneteer desires from her  courtier, will society accept the woman who’s been raped?

Women’s position in the family very much depends upon the level of their education. Higher the level of her education, greater equality she enjoys in the family.

It appears that Indian woman is still not treated at par with man in social and family life. The educated women even today though earning, are in acquiescence with the doctrine of the male domination. The education may have made them economically independent, but they still lack the needed self-confidence.

The reason seems to be that they have been brought up under the old cultural atmosphere and they have not been able to shake off its influence even after the acquisition of modern education.

Source: girliyapa.com

One study showed that 70 per cent of girls under 7 say they want to be thinner, for example,on am  average woman worry about their body every 15 minutes.

Female foeticide is rampant in India particularly in northern part of the country. Declining sex ratio in north Indian states bears testimony to this fact. Various socio-economic and religious factors have also contributed to this factor. Dowry is a big challenge for Indian society. Marriage is a big issue. The situation leads to a natural desire for a male child. This causes in the rise of the incidence of female feticide. Daughters are treated as liability and sons as assets. Though our governments are doing a lot to check the trend, but the emerging picture makes no difference. Hence much remains to be done.

Source: girliyapa.com

However, in our times, her role has changed. Society has started recognizing her contribution. There is need for complete equality among men and women. She has all the rights to command equal status with men.

It is the crying need of the hour that they should awake and arise against their exploitation. They should no longer be victims of social and economic injustice. They should not depend on any other help. They should organize themselves to fight against their plight. The NGOs and various government agencies should come ahead to help them. Above all, the male mind-set needs to be changed to change the status of women in society.

But the point is where is the focus of this new wave?

There’s no point hiding behind words like “sexism” or “patriarchy” when considering who’s really in charge today!

I know I’m not the only one who can see how wrong that is and why. What ‘culture’, what ‘religion’ we are talking about when the society don’t even know how to treat the goddess and epitome of beauty in a way how she should be treated?