A shimmering sheath of stars gently rolls down the head, sheepish marble eyes but excited at the same time, oyster lips, blushing cheeks, what a spell bound beauty the face holds. That mesmerizing and ravishing out-fit leaves you awestruck. And what compliments her inner beauty is the precious jewel of every woman, shyness; but yet has a fire hidden inside. A girl when dresses into a ‘Bride’ she leaves all of her behind and walks with someone without any doubt and with her full heart, dedicated to sail her new boat in the sea. This why we say woman is really strong. But there are many fools who don’t even respect her sacrifice.

A partner that becomes her/his better-half in every aspect, a partner that never backs down, a partner that always become a shoulder to cry, to rest and to laugh. All of us see a cheerful life ahead with that partner; with someone we love and expects nothing but just love. A woman is a perfect idol of sincerity and sleekness, and every man has a responsibility to respect her before loving her. She who resigns herself for you, makes it a duty of the husband to fulfill all her dreams, be it anything. She who gifts her soul, do deserves a pretty return gift. She who possess the courage to walk on fire for you, is worthy of relief both physically and mentally. She is actually every ingredient that makes a man’s dish lavishing. And each man must understand that it’s always not materialistic, it’s his role to make her special and protect her.

Love is far beyond the lines, what comes first is ‘Respect’. To love her body is shameful if you can’t her soul. To lift her up is right when you feel bowing for her is cool. Make her one to please you in low moments when you can share your happiness with her. You may be angry, you may be upset, you may use harsh words at times, but the moment you raise hand you are no more human. You say you are a man; yes, a man who can’t withstand his jumping hormones, is nothing but a kidish baby who only knows to be stubborn.

Woman when enters the stage of wife, she is to be given some respect and reverence. It’s very abominable and unforgiving if a man physically slams her woman down. It shows the most inhuman, weak and brutal side of that devil. Being a husband doesn’t assign you to raise hand on her, no bond here permits you to go physically wild. That pure blaze around which you vow for those seven ages, doesn’t grant you to beat her up. This is really important for men to understand that fighting with her is not the way you can make things happen your way. At times you have to compromise. You have to lay a firm hand towards her because she is your wife.

And those ladies who still tolerate this immaturity of men, you are free to stand against this abuse. You must not fear to speck and raise you voice because you are not wrong. Wrong are those who do this kind of harassment. Make them feel and suffer for what they had been doing with you. Break your silence! Let your hidden fire burn this bloodthirsty demon to hell.