Never totally over it, always punishing yourself or others for the way you are today, never ready to accept the reality. Put a full stop to all those discouraging thoughts and put an end to that retribution. Its never too late!

Since our childhood we all had our dreams to catch,doesn’t matter that they go on leaping from one to another but what matters is that we have a fantasy to live for. Our every step makes that journey shorter and shorter. When we have a vision in front of us its really challenging to take up risks. But what if one is living hollow. Does they feel as burdened on earth. Those who do, please cease that sorrow feeling because its always a beginning.

Many of the married house wives struggle with their minds for being happy, just because some or the other reason they aren’t able to open their wings. Some are not allowed to step ahead of the door, some of them have no time because they are busy in homely hustle and many feel like its too late and gone in the past. Dear ladies remember there is no expiry date for the dreams. All you need is vision and determination and you are set to fly. You are aged enough to segregate right or wrong, and when you are able to figure what you have been missing, is a good start. Yes undoubtedly its your foremost responsibility and love to look after your home but its no offense to follow your heart.

You can work from home, you never know may be you end up a successful entrepreneur. Do have that token that nothing come with time, you need to bring out the time for it. There no excuse such that you don’t have time. Its just if you wanna do or not. Your passion can even extend the day according to you. But many a times situations may come when you gotta fight for your meal, and when you know that you are right, just turn a deaf ear and that’ it.

Every day brings a new sunshine, let it brighten your face. It’s never too late. If you think its gone, then it was never your’s.At time you need to take risks and if you are strong enough to hold, the risk will surely be rewarded. So, color your canvas your own style.