Time changes every minute, every second. At times it is advisable to change with time; you never now what this change lies beneath.  If you see your mom, your  grandmother or may be your great grand mother, you will  notice a wave of freedom in every aspect going broad at every stage. And it is really good to see people breaking those false stereotypes and making this place a better world for the women.

We all have been struggling a lot for women in-dependency, women rights, their freedom and all that can up-lift women in every demeanor. And looking at some really  hearty news makes us feel satisfied that yes our attempt is reaching public’s nerves, and also it encourages those waiting for some inspiration. Women have been putting every effort to reach what they aspire and be someone’s impulse. This thing of  great merriness can be seen while you sight women opting for those once categorized ‘odd’ jobs of them. Lets have a look on some of these.

Combat Roles

Image Source: Firstpost.com

Since our country started with the army, we have only seen men fighting at the boundaries, but this is no more restricted for women to step out and fight. Earlier, females were only confined to jobs of nurses, doctors or other medical help, legal, educational and engineering wings of the army.  But now, ditching this practice, women have come up wearing those leave printed olive green dresses and fighting with total patriotism. Same way pilot jets and navy has also seen this new wave with women making them step in a different color.

Auto-Rickshaw Driver

Image Source: dnaindia.com

Yes, i know it sounds really odd, but believe me this is really a good step. Many have turned a deaf ear to all those social babbling and have put forward a new and unique picture of themselves. They are riding the three-wheeler, making their life count and contributing to their healthy home. Many cities have seen this change, hope this change reaches every corner.

Journalism in LOC areas

Being a journalist is a very job in itself. It requires a great deal of determination, taking risks and being strong to come up with all the news and stuff.  And it is not wrong to say that women have turned to make their strong spirit count in something really accountable. The ‘LOC’- line of control areas now often see female journalists to make their effort and working with full zeal and enthusiasm. These area are highly risky in terms of surprised bombardment and fire-shooting, so i guess this is a great move, letting women widening their boundaries.


We all watch movies, many of us are die-hard fan of those action ‘dhishoom-dhishoom’, but what many of us don’t know, which makes some great full people’s work very unappreciated is the – stunt artists. May be some of you have not even listened about them, they are the ones actually performing all those tough-and-go action sequences. And this field also have sensed many strong women up on the list. Although the percentage is quite low at present but  guess with time and molding  thoughts it will reach to the 50-50 level.

All this might have started with some lit-of craze, determination, passion or may be some inspiration, but what matters is that the world is changing and so is opening up our line of effort. Those who think differently and choose to make a difference in society and their own lives are ought to be respected. They tell us that our dreams don’t have any expiry date, it  just takes our self motivation to make a positive controversy hit the headlines. Those who are still hanging whether to step out or not, must look upon those excelling in their fields and should make their arrow of endeavor hit the bulls-eye.

Remember, stay strong and never stop chasing your dream.