Girls riding bikes! A very common scene these days, yet not very common!

It’s great to see women breaking stereotypes in every field, however small it may be.

Did you hear about the EMANCIPATION RIDE FOR WOMEN which happened in the month of August?

Shiwani Mann organised the event.

So let’s know something about her.

At the age when our only tension was when and how to complete the homework, this girl drove a bike. Shiwani started learning, how to ride a bike at the age of 7 years. By the age of 9, she drove her first bike, all by herself.

Apart from this she loves travelling, reading and writing. Not only that, she also loves swimming and has participated in many championships. Last time when I spoke to her she said one of her many dreams is also to become muscular.

They say ‘Behind every successful man, there’s a woman’, but they forgot to say ‘Behind every successful woman, there’s a man’. There was a lot of background work done, to make Shiwani what she is. Her father is a great husband, great dad and more of all a big support. In order to make her mother independent, her father made her continue her education, even after her own parents didn’t support. Hats off to him! Her father took care of her, while her mother took care of her elder sister and lived with her maternal grandparents.

Now, Shiwani is 23 years old and resides at Naybans which is a small village on the outskirts of Delhi. She runs a Facebook page ‘Bulldivas’, along with Komal Mann, her younger sister and Preeti Mann, her best friend. Currently, she is a teacher and she is doing her diploma in fashion designing from NIFT Delhi. Her mother is also a fashion designer and she plans on continuing with her in her business.

Shiwani says, “My goal is to make such a bridge in between parents and children that they can trust their children so much that they can allow their girls to go out equally as boys do. And another goal, apart from this is to travel the world on road on my bike along with those girls who wanna join.” Also she says she needs to inspire women. She says “Today if one girl comes out of her home and join the ride, then she can get inspired and then maybe some or the other time, she’ll learn to go on rides, maybe long rides. And building this level of trust between the girl and her parents is really important and they needn’t bother. So building this trust and motivate the parents is the important thing”

About her upcoming plans for the year, she says “I’m looking forward for all women bike rally On International Women’s Day, 8 March 2018. Apart from this, I’m getting myself and other friends ready for the Ladak trip in May.”

Well, that’s about Shiwani Mann!

We hope she succeeds in all her endeavours and inspire many women to go for bike rides, not sitting on the back seat but riding it herself.

More power to such women!