Hot piece dancing on the tips, creamy cheesy threads stretching from the watery lips, what a delicious moment it makes; ‘pizza’, yes you all are always eager to have its bite. Be it burgers, rolls, hot wings, popcorn chicken, cheesy wings, subway specials, all seem very lavishing and splendid to you. And it’s always a new excitement rich experience to have your meals at different-different places. You guys are very much into trying as many new buffets and bite stops you can.

If you see today, 80% of the youngsters rely on snacks or fast food. Most of the times youngsters are roaming with a tagline, ” chalo yaar kuch khate hai”. Sweethearts, may be at times you are forgetting that a hard-working women devoting her precious time to cook for you and garnish it with love. Obviously I am not talking of the hostelers, this is for localities, who always peep outside when they have a ‘master-chef’ at their own place. This is for those who say, ” I am fed up from ghar ka khana”. My dear you wouldn’t have grown this big if wouldn’t have eaten your homey meals. I also have seen hostel residing students dying for the home food. Its just that those who have the jewel, they only don’t know its worth.

That one section you firmly pick out, make a nice beautiful bowl kinda thing and making its all time rich combo with the simple yet tasty ‘daal’. And when you engulf it, for me it tastes way better than any food franchises. Every time she enters the kitchen, has a consciousness to make it appetizing, she with her full heart assembles all the ingredients, blends it with all her blessings and what completes its grace is a ‘ mother’s love’. For me my mom cooks the best for me, and every one’s mom do., its just that some of us are ignorant towards her effortlessly done job.

That plain and homely dish can never outshine any mesmerizing meal. Trust me when you will not it for long time, then you will crave for it. Respect your mommy’s delicious cooking because no other chef can complete you food with love and divine feel like you mother does.

What is a bowl of milk? Nothing, but love and care makes it everything. Same way it’s not how luscious food you eat its just the magic of your mom that makes every basic plate the most yummy!