For yonks of my life , I have had a really dysfunctional relationship with myself. I would judge myself so much by overthinking way too much about my appearance, about what has to portrayed about myself to each person , about which way a person should see me as and the main thought that would haunt me was ‘what would people think’?

Because of all these rigid restrictions I made with myself, I completely got disconnected from my wants, needs, desire and my flow of joy instead was completely caught up on focusing on how to please people to stay in my life and the negative thinking about the way I felt for myself that ‘ I guess something is wrong with me’ and these thoughts only occur when you do not get the same kind of love and attention back which you gave someone. It’s the most exhausting thought I must say. Today my connection with myself, my body is so different that what I had before. Today my self connect is my priority to me. Since I have known my dark side before , I know the light too now and l’m totally loving this! You grow and glow different when you know what you want.

In the words of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin “we are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are all spiritual beings having a human experience”. So to remember this we should muddle up our ups and downs ( which is really common in almost everyone’s lives) because come on ITS LIFE! I’ll start by saying that instead of first pay attention to what you need, to what you want for long term ,you should keep asking once in a while what you need now and what do you want now. And what will make you feel better now. Once you know this you grow different. Bring awareness to your breath. You should gain on nd not think about how you should be instead “Be How you are and Want to be”! Embrace your feelings, your mental compatibility towards things by calming your mind and having a positive thinking towards life having meaningful perceptions about things in daily life. Do what makes you happy rather than hasting around by over-working which surely will lead to losing your self- connection. Explore the depth of you. Try writing a journal everyday at night and see how much you have grown and how strong you have been over the years to face challenges of life.

Know what your values are- Freedom? Success? Friendship? Loyalty? Family? Know your priorities and organize your life accordingly. You should try practising yoga or exercise too everyday to have a calm peaceful morning to have a good start of the day with. Practice forgiveness is an amazing way to lead your self towards positivity. Do not invest your time and energy to something which is not worth or not needed at that time. “Don’t do something because you have to, do it Beacause you want to”. It’s completely okay to make mistakes as humans because this how we learn from life and how to handle Ourselves in those situations is the real challenge. Always, I repeat always consult before committing. How quick do u make Decisions in you life without thinking or making a statement? Learn to sit, take time and think calmly rather than just jumping saying yes automatically by having a reflex action. Are you saying yes out of obligation or need, or Beacause you really want to? Try to always support yourself with loving thoughts towards things in life by moving your body with presence and kindness as a form of self-love because wasting time fighting with external realities just worsen situations and would throw you in a pile of negativity. Read books, dance ok the tune of your life, sing your voice loud deep as the oceans and get lost into your positive embracing thoughts.

Everyone has the power to change. We all as a woman just want happiness at the simplest level and our life filled with experiences that we like and enjoy. Who doesn’t enjoy a stress-free fun life? Sometimes I feel you should practise letting go off things. If something has to stay it will and everything happens for a reason. DO NOT lose yourself because of such things. Embrace the glorious mess you are! Instead of getting anxious and insecure about the way you are, send yourself some extra love. Pamper Yourselves! Pay attention to your needs and meet them in a systematic way. Last but not the least always make time for your loved ones. For the ones who have been there with you when no one was. I feel no matter how much we try to create a life that contains only what we want, life always includes the full menu. This denotes we are all human. The question is if we can prevent these unwanted experiences? No, we can’t but what we can do is to live and relate to the experiences that we consider unwanted of painful. Explore your spirituality. Getting into nature and travelling would surely help I would suggest. Nurture yourself in the greatest possible way.

Last but not least I would like to say that  Self – connection is a place of wisdom, strength, guidance, joy and the most reliable way of knowing how aligned I am lying with myself and my core values. Isn’t it amazing sometimes about how you can change your mess into a message?