From being out stared at traffic jams,

To gazed upon at beauty pegeants,

Still the hope was not over, for a new day!

A New world !”

Yes, you might have found the title ‘absurd’, and why not, we classify homosexuals as unique from others maybe for the fact they have sexual desires for same sex or for the fact we all are afraid from the term “acceptance.”

Homosexuality can refer to both attraction or sexual behavior between people of the same sex, or to a sexual orientation. It can’t be always physical pleasure, but a romantic relationship with the person of same sex.

Male homosexuals are known as ‘Gay.’

Female homosexuals are known as ‘Lesbians.’

We consider them as a different category. Homosexuality is contradictory to heterosexuals, bisexuals and asexuality. Though this class is not considered to be valid from evolutionary biology, of course who can deny Darwin’s survival of the fittest with reproduction of progeny. Science believes that homosexuality as a cause of environmental and biological factors (related to genes).

But they have also concluded cognitive behaviour as a main concern. The question is as far as biological science is concerned, can’t psychological evaluation prevails? The current debate is what is it the result of, nature or nurture?

Whether the results are found or not, it is proven how far a human mind can go to Change their mindset against one , besides that awkward facial expressions. We all say ‘Stand up for what is right, but how many of us take stand?’ In holy books it is mentioned that human caste is raised up to regenerate or carry forward the next generation.


Few research says that it is a result of adolescent age with no prior sexual experience. On the other hand, National Institute of Mental Health study was meant to explore the relationship between homosexuality and psychological development and illness. Hooker, a psychologist, studied both homosexuals and heterosexuals. And the tabulation of results viewed the same result on psychological evaluation, that is, Intelligent quotient and Emotional quotient was merely deflected from heterosexuals.

Then why the society take a step backward to fit them as a recognized category of humans, not unique.

What if they have different sexual desires? What if they can’t feel attraction towards opposite sex? They belong to the category of human, and it would be against humanity to judge humans on the basis of the attraction and sexuality.

You are the one who will take the step of acceptance, the rest will follow. After all, we all are same from inside.


  1. Aditi Sahu

    Nicely written! The world needs us to be accepting of all people regardless of their sexual orientation and that’s what we should be doing! We are a product of nature and no one should be discriminated against or looked down upon the way nature intended them to be. Homophobia is a disgusting disease that needs to be cured from people’s minds. It’s time for us to celebrate the diversity and the different shades of the PRIDE.