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  • Samriti Sharma

    As a citizen of the nation we should be well aware with certain rules and laws that are made or enacted for our convenience. The right to non disclosure of Identity of any rape victim or victim of sexual assault also fall under the purview of such rights available to women in India.
    The bitter truth is that we all live in a society which isn’t sympathetic towards such victims of crimes but the people around us are rather more interested in gossiping and judging the girl, from blaming her parents, family to her character everything is questioned by people around when so ever such incidents are reported. To overcome the same and to maintain and preserve the human dignity of such a women done protective measures were taken by the government of the nation. The enactment which lays down Clear provision regarding the same is under Section 228A of the Indian Penal code, which states that:
    Who so ever, publishes or discloses the indentity of any such women against whom an offence has been committed under section/376 which deals with rape shall be punishable with imprisonment of two years along with fine.
    Such measures ensure that the right to privacy is not taken away from such a victim to enable her to life a dignified and respectful life in society. As far as Justice for the Act committed is concerned such a women has the right to record her statement before District Magistrate while the case is still under trial.
    Apart from legality we as society should also consider these aspects and should not blame her for whatever happened to her. We have a responsibility here in maintaining the secrecy of such women’s identity enabling her to move forward towards a bright future.

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