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    She works late at night, she hangout with guys. How can she step out of home late at night?How can she cross the limits of society? Why can’t she intrude inside mannerism and culture? She might be a slut, or definitely!
    There are lot of girls- compromising, killing their dreams, living in silence just because of the fact what will people say?
    We are not raised to be ambitious,successful and independent.We’re raised to become mothers. That’s only the place where ‘human Female’ fit in.
    It’s time to thankful to all those women that made this life possible for us, by standing ourselves.
    You are the power that is going to turn up the whole globe, Don’t let the world tell you who you should be and how.
    Don’t ever let a person bringing from standing for what you believe in!
    Look up in the sly instead of focusing on man-made things. This world is beautiful because you reside in it.
    You are what you believe in.


    Powerful message in this small article !

    Females are born stronger i have seen my mother i have seen my girl how dedicated and hardworking they are. Everyone have their freedom right whom so ever can work late or hangout with friends no matter if the person is a girl,boy,man or woman.

    We should try to be a human first. People are not judges so why they everytime judge others on behalf of their work, caste, sex or colour. This is something which must be understand and respected as an independent decions. Infact girls have their goals their ambitions too which must be supported and equally respected.

    Nice article again Ms. Madhuri. Appreciate your work and keep it up like this.


    Girls must step out from their comfort zone in order to achieve success. Not only success, but also the entitlement and dignity of being a lady. To a layman, it may be awkward, but deep inside we all know what it feels to be a part of disdain.
    Following your passion and dream is as important as sleeping because at the end you are the product of your own choices.
    But Madhuri, as you said contradictory for playing a role of mother pointing being ambitious and successful. But being a mother is as satisfactory as the victory of attaining a goal.


    Dr. Himanshi, i had pointed it to throw light on the obstacles and hurdles a woman cross from being a successful lady to a mother of infant. It provides a validiction to the issue of harassment faced by girl in every aspect she came across.
    I appreciate your views.

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