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    In today’s generation their are many women who want to do job but don’t get support of their family or after marriage women get into more responsibilities and became housewives due to which they leave their career and job but at some point they want to restart their career and be independent. It will happen by learning online courses and getting job opportunities.
    Best 20 online courses for housewives:
    1.Digital Marketing: By learning this course it will give lot of benefit for housewives because it will not only teach you the strategies about marketing but also teaches you about social media and gives you knowledge in detail.
    2.Dance Course: Housewives can spend their time & best earning from teaching dance to kids , adults or even aged people’s , In now times everything is possible in online video call classes
    3.Makeup and Hairstyling Course: By learning this course they can start their own business by taking classes or doing makeup of brides.
    4.Fashion Designing Course: women can open their own shop or they can design dress and can create and account on social media so that they can also sell online.
    5.Cooking course: It will very comfortable work for housewives and they will get to learn different dishes.
    6.Computer Course : By learning computer course women get help to know more about gadgets & technology’s , Now a days in every business computer skills & typing speed is mandatory so computer course is best for females.
    7.Interior Designing Course: women are the one who decorate the house in all festivals with happiness so it will great while doing this course they has many ideas in their mind and can get great job opportunities.
    8.Video Editing: It is one of best for females to know more about editing , video editing help us to create a movie where total salary is around 50k Rupees.
    9.Foreign Language : By learning foreign language female’s can get great opportunity in tours & travels company to work as a sales worker , consumers get connected if sales female’s can talk in their language .
    10.Web Designing: Web is mandatory now a days for every shops & company , as we compare last 20 years with now , we can get to know that at that time there is not possible for everyone to connect with company by just few click but now it’s possible & every company have their own web , Many new business is opening & every business want their own website so it’s great opportunity for female’s to work
    11.Photography and Videography Course: Photo & videography is now a days in trend , From this courses housewives get opportunity to work with big company’s for product shoot or with celebrity for their shoots .
    12.Social Media Manager : Every celebrity , influencers…. Have their own social media manager for handle their accounts , salary is based on work & work is based on how big is fan base & followers .
    These Courses were the top best courses for housewives and their are more 8 courses as following:
    13.Graphic Design Courses
    14.Teaching Courses
    15.Yoga Instruction
    16.Content Writing Courses
    17.Child Psychology Courses
    18.Jewellery Designing Courses
    19.Entrepreneurship Courses
    20.Art and Craft Courses
    These are all the best courses for housewives to start her career in their interested field.

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    Part-time courses open numerous job opportunities. By getting the certification you can work as a freelancer or you can mention it in your resume to showcase your skill. Housewives remain occupied with their house chores for the whole day. Though they remain busy, they should take out some time for themselves and learn new things.
    Here are 20 courses that are helpful for housewives.
    1. Spoken English and public speaking: English is the most commonly spoken language in the world. English is a particularly important language online with more than half the content on the internet written in English. Communication is the backbone of our society. It allows us to form connections, influence decisions, and motivate change. Without communication skills, the ability to progress in the working world and in life, itself, would be nearly impossible. Public speaking is one of the most important and most dreaded forms of communication. in the working world, public speaking is a vital skill to have.
    2. Digital marketing and certification: Digital marketing has evolved drastically with time. Everything is getting digitalized. Companies in all sectors are focusing on developing a robust online presence.
    3. Coding course: Coding is a basic literacy in the digital age, and it is important for people to understand and be able to work with and understand the technology around them. It also has great career opportunities.
    4.Teaching course: Teachers have the added responsibility of shaping future generations. More often than not students look up to teachers and get inspired by the things that they say and do. Teachers have an opportunity to make a difference.
    5. Video editing course
    6. Data science course
    7. Music lessons
    8. Interior designing courses
    9. Baking course
    10. Proofreading course
    11. Content creation courses
    12. Creative writing
    13. Jewellery designing course
    14. Foreign language course
    15. Knitting and sewing course
    16. Fashion designing
    17. Makeup and hairstyling
    18. Art and crafts course
    19. Web designing
    20. Graphic designing course

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    Housewives should definitely apply in courses and gain new skill this will help them to earn some for themselves and even for family members. There many websites online available to do such courses at very minimal cost, housewives are keeping themselves busy in their housework and responsibilities she needs to invest some hours in doing work that she always wanted to do with the help of the courses.

    • Baking course: mostly housewives are fond of cooking but sometimes they have no idea how to bake cakes and cookies, brownies there are a lot of courses baking and even on YouTube, women than can take orders for a cake and other bakery items through this housewives can earn some many.
    • Dancing course: the women can learn different forms of dances such as Indian, classical western after doing this course she can take dance classes online and even take it at and charge some fee from students.
    • Yoga course: by learning yoga housewives can keep checking on their health and it will also help them to get in shape basically yoga many benefits, yoga needs consistency to see results if women keep practicing yoga for years, they can be professional yoga trainer.
    • Coding courses: housewives can learn coding languages through HTML, CSS, JAVA, PYTHON they can work I.t. company they can also do the work from home.
    • Entrepreneurship courses: by learning this course the housewives gain knowledge about how to run the business and what qualities are needed in the entrepreneur. There also many courses under this parent course.
    • Hairstyling and make up courses.
    • Interior and fashion designing courses.
    • Content creation
    • Social media management.
    • Digital marketing.
    • HR management course.
    • Nutrition course.
    • Software development.
    • Search engine optimization course.
    • Graphic design.
    • Logo designing.
    • Video editing course.
    • International cuisines.
    • Content writing.
    • Art and crafts courses.
    These are some lists of courses that housewives can do.

    Gayatri Somvanshi
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    Well fortunately due to digital and virtual education expanding widely the education and skill courses can be obtained by anyone , anywhere and at any time. And the most good thing is that these courses have helped people, especially housewives, to have a strong earning source. So let’s look at top 20 courses which you can do from by sitting at home.
    1] Digital marketing course:- one of the most trending course currently is digital marketing course. We see there are so many digital marketer jobs out there and if we can do those jobs and get paid with reasonable money by helping the brand to create a strong online presence.
    2] Social media marketing:- So we all know how social media has become a one any only almost or most frequent source of reaching and connecting more and more people so all brands majority make use of social media or you can say they practically rely on social media for sales but for that they need someone strategic and thus here social media marketers come into action.
    3] Computer courses: We all see how programming language ,MS- excel and so many programming skills and coding skills are in demand and are basically strong requirements for the companies nowadays.
    4] Content writing courses:- We all know there has been a huge demand of freelance content writer because people are in need of potential writers who would attract more customers and also who could convey their services in good language as to properly explain their products basics.
    5] Foreign language course:- We see how desire for learning different languages has emerged in people’s mind. Also especially its trending for people who want to go to different country to study and want learn native language and here is when you will show your magic.
    5] Fitness trainer:- Especially due to covid -19 people have started taking fitness more seriously so they hire Fitness trainer to guide them. Also you can also become fitness influencer on social media and earn through it and guide people. Also we see there are lot of people who also want to gain or loose weight so you can conduct dances and so on meetings and boost yourself and your income to
    6] Nutritionists/ dietician:- When we are talking about fitness how fan we forget food. Many people want to have ideal body weight and also maintain it and for this they hire nutritionists and also fitness centres hire nutritionists to help their clients. Also we see how many government organisations are hiring nutritionists too.
    7] fashion designing:- Now fashion is something which is having strong grip on everyone’s lifestyle. And hence we all know fashion designing has got huge scope.
    8] Interior designing:- when it comes to lifestyle then nowadays people are really spending a lot on interior design of their house. Everyone want themed house for them and want to have good vibe in the houses and hence there has been lot of eeman for this course.
    9]Hair and makeup :- Wedding season is there and thus the demand for make up artist as we have lot of trends like pre-wedding and post wedding shoots here and not to forget 7 days Indian weddings
    10] cinematography:- Well since we are talking about shoots the this course is apt for those who love shooting vedios and want to capture scenes and also many couples are asking have a vedio of their wedding.
    To be continued in next blog🤗😅

    anshika agarwal
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    Best 20 online courses for housewives
    Women’s life completely changes after her marriage. Her life after marriage gets busier and it becomes difficult for women to handle all their family responsibilities along with their jobs. Due to which some women left their jobs and careers and become housewives. Housewives can start their career anytime with the courses available online. There are a lot of courses available online. First one is Digital Marketing Courses. Nowadays every organization wants to highlight their business online. It’s quite popular course among housewives. They can learn various marketing skills and techniques and can build a successful career. Computer Courses is another such course. Every company wants their employees to be tech genuis. Women can learn short term computer courses and can work efficiently. For working as a freelancer women can do video editing courses. It can be done on part time basis. Teaching courses is also a best option. Teaching courses like Diploma in Elementary Education, Bachelor of Education, BEd in Special Education can help housewives in building their career. The requirement of makeup artists and hairstylists are increasing day by day. So, it’s also a good option for women to start their career as housewives . They can work well in this career. Yoga is another such option. They can become yoga instructor. Their are many certified courses available and after they can create either their online courses or classes at home. Other courses can be interior designing, fashion designing, graphic designing, foreign language course, web designing, cooking, photography and video courses, Art and Craft Courses, Entrepreneurship Courses, Dance Courses, Jewellery Designing, Child Psychology, Social Media Manager and content writing course.There is no deficiency in courses but there is lack of awareness. Women should make themselves aware and build a strong career.

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    Are you having a kid having trouble restarting your career? Have you got work gaps and not enough skills to acquire a job? Life after marriage is bound to be busier and all their family duties and their careers become harder for women to deal with. Occasionally, women compromise their careers in caring for their families. However, when it is time you return back to work and start your career again, the working gaps in your curriculum vitae make it hard for you to locate suitable employment. Therefore, you can choose to investigate several job opportunities, if you are a housewife and want to relaunch your career.

    1. Digital Marketing- Each organization aims to have a strong online presence and reach its public on a global basis through the development of digital media channels. You may also get to know this ever-growing area through various programs such as Google Digital Marketing courses, digital marketing diplomas, or entire degrees from one of the most popular work-related classes for housewives.
    2. Computer Courses- Each company demands computer experts in the rising IT industry. There are several short-term programs you can study in the subject of IT, including one in a computer course. A computer science program, which can help you enter the IT business, can equip you with basic skills and training. You can also choose short-term IT or computer language courses, such as JAVA, C++, and so forth.
    3. Interior Designing- In addition, Interior Designing is a creative field of study and allows the much-needed flexibility for employed people to take up their duties throughout marry. Another vital mention in our list of job-oriented courses for women. It is great for individuals who want to curate environments with outstanding design and to take courses in interior design. You have imparted the knowledge of colors, home or company styling, among others, with the proper materials for filling a physical area.
    4. Fashion Designing- One of the most popular courses for female householders, fashion design courses for people who want to curate clothing and accessories are readily available online and offline. You can master the skills and skills of fashion design at home or you can complete your Fashion Design diploma or degree.
    5. Video Editing- Since videos have become the world’s most popular media entertainment, video, and video editing, especially on a part-time and freelance basis, offers a number of intriguing options. A comprehensive range of online and offline video and film editing courses and Video graphics courses are given to enhance your understanding and knowledge of the most important software editing applications.
    6. Graphic Design- Graphic design classes are the greatest choice for individuals who are passionate about drawing, drawing, painting, and visual storytelling. Another significant note in our list of courses for women in the household is the fact that the programs, together with typography, motion graphics, and transformations of basic stories, provide you with the skills to create and edit software applications. You can work as a freelance designer or open up your own Design Start-up by graduation or diploma in this discipline and even study full-time career possibilities across numerous industries!
    7. Teaching Courses- If you have long wanted to follow an educator, it may be the finest method to choose a teaching program for housewives from a broad range of job-oriented classes. You can study a variety of options in educational establishments and non-profit organizations which are always in severe need of qualified teachers to provide education to under-served sectors of our company by completing a degree or diploma in teaching.
    8. Foreign Language Courses- Courses in foreign languages are an efficient means of restarting your career at any age. There are various international corporations that are looking for experts of language skills in two languages or more and the scope of a career is growing in foreign languages. A foreign language course might assist you to explore many employment prospects both in the public and private sectors worldwide. Housewives with a reading skill can explore professional prospects in overseas embassies such as translators, interpreters and professors, and employment opportunities.
    9. Makeup and Hairstyling- With the introduction of digital maquillage, the demand for professional maquillage and hair designers is growing worldwide. You can explore a number of employment opportunities in beauty and skincare, personal care, and the fashion and entertainment sector. The study of the maquillage can be quite gratifying for people with a particular sense of colors and aesthetics.
    10. Yoga Instruction- Yoga is a terrific career choice if you’re a fitness enthusiast because it’s an old art and a natural approach to keeping you fit, young and healthy. It also helps to preserve the wellness of the mind and body. There are several certified yoga courses that can be followed in Yoga for prospects. You can begin your own Yoga courses or start as a teacher after completing the course.
    11. Content Writing- We live in an era of flowing information in which all kinds of knowledge are available free of charge in a single click. Today, content writing is a highly demanded area, since you can work full-time, part-time or freelance as a content author. Individuals, therefore, hunt for outstanding content authors who are able to generate content on a certain subject, themes, etc. You think you have extraordinary skill in writing, therefore your job as a writer and also as a home wife can start again.
    12. Web Designing- In our list of the most popular courses for women, web design is another major mention. You can look at a broad variety of online web design courses, which will help you build a successful career in Web development and design if you are a technology geek with a great commitment to building new websites. Web designers are always in request and get lucrative packaging either for a full-time role or for freelancers when every company builds its own Web site for a greater audience.
    13. Cooking Courses- Thanks to the pandemic, we all love cooking at home. Trust it or not, they also had the lockdown cooking sessions at homes for individuals who did not even have a knack when cooking. There are various cooking classes accessible online that will enable you to learn to cook various dishes, desserts, bakery items, and other things. You can start with your own coffee or food delivery from home after establishing your own unique cuisine or specialties.
    14. Photography and Videography- Photography and filmmaking classes can be your choice while you are taking images and generating innovative videos. Now that everyone has their own web pages on social media to share aesthetic photos and videos, it can be helpful to learn how well you compose a film in a click-bait! You can also work for product companies, weddings, events, etc as an independent photographer/videographer, create your own shops and use your own intrinsic business talents to set up your photography career!
    15. Child Psychology- For housewives who want a profession in psychology, the course has been highly recommended. The psychology and behavior pattern of children of every age from a newborn kid to a newborn to a young adult will familiarise you with the psychology courses. The course also helps candidates to instill the abilities necessary for understanding and responding to the physical and psychological requirements of their babies, children, and adolescents. They will also provide you with the knowledge to create a safe atmosphere for children to grow and learn by themselves.
    16. Jewellery Designing Courses- Diamonds really are considered the best friend of all women and our joyful affection may be observed at special events, festivals, weddings, etc. We always have contact with the latest designs on the market or find the latest jewels! But you ever thought of creating your own jewelry? You can, if not, yes! You can learn the design of jewelry by enrolling in an online and offline jewelry design school.
    17. Social Media Manager- We live in a social media era. The relevance of this in the world today is clearly known, not only to people but to brands too. You’ll see hundreds of postings shouting at your attention each time you open a social networking app. However, organizations always seek to ensure that person has complete and accurate knowledge of various social media platforms in order to handle such accounts. If you love to be on social media, housewives can start their job as social media managers.
    18. Dance Courses- Whether it’s a profession in classical dance or west dancing or anaerobic and Zumba dance for fitness, it’s one of the most popular dance classes in housewives. You may enroll in a nearby dance class or simply view videos or tutorials and learn your favorite dance at home. your favorite dance course. Dance therapy is also popular today, as dance has been detected, which can combat some human problems, such as depression, anxiety, swings in mood, obesity, and more.
    19. Entrepreneurship Courses- As a businesswoman in the world today, it feels like a queen. To become an entrepreneur and begin with your own company is not a simple cakewalk. You can simply begin your career by starting your own business or becoming a partner or investment in an existing business by having the proper skills, education, market knowledge, and information about your competition.
    20. Art and Craft Courses- You can pull this inner artist out of you if art is your pastime and if you want to discover and bring your inner artist to the world. Consider graduating in art and crafts or registering for a certified course to start your career in this area. You can also choose art therapy classes that can help you discover how art can help people become more conscious and psychologically well!

    Gayatri Somvanshi
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    Let’s continue yesterday part of blog🤗
    11] Video editing :- As we all know, currently blogging is in trend and countless digital content creators are looking for professional video editors. So here is when you can make use of this skill.
    12] Graphic designer:- Ever since social media came into existence people focus more on having better digital appearance and logo designing ,poster designing are in huge demand and thus we all know nowadays themed stationery are on rise.
    13] Child Psychology :- We all know nowadays there are a lot of mental issues especially with changing lifestyles and competitive era. So here it’s the best job we can ever have
    14] Art and craft :- we all know nowadays people want to learn more arts and also the fashion industry is emphasising on more of a raw form of art.
    15] Baking :- As we have got themed homes, clothes the same way we also have themed cakes are there as well and in recent times we all know how there are delivery services available so u can always give service on customers doorsteps.
    16] Blogging:- We have talked about so much social media stuff and we all know the main source of income from social media is blogging and especially if you want to blog by sitting at home and also if you have relative information then go for it.
    17] Dance courses:- When it comes to dance nobody can resist and we all know now zumbas and power garbas are a source of fitness with fun.
    18] Jewellery designing:- Jewellery designing is one of the best art and as we know and as we see there is so much variety available in jewellery.
    19] creative writing:- Are you a person full of imagination then here is the course to put your imagination into words and earn money from it.
    20] Event management courses:- We all need an organiser for events and hence this course will help you to venture more.
    These all courses are available on apps like Udemy, Coursera and so on.

    Shumaila Siddiqui
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    Well housewives have no career other than household chores, they get fed up doing all these for so long without any due. Their basic needs are fulfilled by depending on others, furthermore she doesn’t have her own Independence on money. Sometimes some girls are talented and hardworking towards their career, but they end up getting married and marriage creates an obstacle for their career. But we have taught all our that if you want to achieve something don’t give up! Never ever. Women are now blessed to get the opportunity to restart or start the career they wanted to make whenever they desire to have one. Online courses have paved a way to their careers to shine without even stepping out of their home as well as to make a mark in their careers.
    Top 20 best online courses for housewives are listed below:
    1. Digital Marketing Courses-
    If women is looking to grow her business on digital platform than this course is a brilliant choice to grow your business through learning digital marketing skills.
    2. Computer Courses-
    • Learning MS Word, Excel, MS Office and PowerPoint.
    • Typing courses
    • Desktop publishing course
    • Animation course
    • Tally course
    3. Foreign language courses-
    This will help you to learn different languages and work as a translator on various platforms available online. Broadcast journalist is another choice to opt for after this course.
    4. Teaching Courses-
    • TEFL/TESOL(Teaching English as a foreign language) This will make you master in English language with every tiny nuisance related to language. A profession perfect for housewives to teach English online to students across the globe.
    • Teaching various subjects to primary school kids through online platforms and jumpstart your career.
    5. Content Writing Courses- This is in great demand nowadays, and also many women’s are great at writing content, and even they are not skilled they can learn and start writing content and earn in great numbers.
    6. Freelancing- Many women have revamped their career through freelancing, an opportunity to be your own boss and run a business.
    7. Cooking Courses- Can make your YouTube channels run a cooking show and earn money, surely looks exciting and fun as a housewife.
    8. Web Designing Courses
    9. Child Psychology Courses
    10. Jewelry Designing Courses
    11. Social Media Manager
    12. Dance Courses
    13. Entrepreneurship Courses
    14. Art and Craft Courses
    15. Interior Designing Courses
    16. Fashion Designing Courses
    17. Graphic Design Courses
    18. Makeup and Hairstyling Courses
    19. Yoga Instruction
    20. Pilates trainer
    21. Mehndi/Bridal henna courses

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