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  • Samriti Sharma

    Gender based violence in simple terms can be understood as any kind of physical, sexual or psychological harm and such acts are a violation of human rights of a person which are available to every individual by the virtue of being human. Gender violence includes many inhumane crimes which include rape, sexual assault, intimate partner violence etc.
    Here we will be talking about sexual assault in detail-
    The Indian Penal Code of 1860 defines sexual assault as ” Assault ir Criminal Force to Women with the intent to outrage her modesty” . Section 354B of IPC criminalises the same and prescribes the punishment of two years either rigorous or simple imprisonment or with fine or both.
    We need to acknowledge here that in a patriarchy it is not easy for
    A women to speak out against sexual harrasment. The court has also observed that sexual abuse takes away the dignity and self confidence and sometimes the victims do not speak up for years due to the mental trauma suffered. Sexual assault is one such crime which shatters the confidence and self-esteem of a women, they not only suffer physically but also mentally and so it becomes necessary that women should be encouraged to speak up against the wrong done

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