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Samriti Sharma
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I believe fashionable won’t be the appropriate word it is a new form of hype, a trend to be called feminist. Without actually having the basic information about the global movement everyone today wants to be recognised as a feminist. And such people e usually end up being pseudo feminist as their philosophy stands completely in contrast to that what is actively is.
Today even if minor inconvenience is caused to women, as a consequence of her own acts then also she finds it desirable to blame men around by calling herself a feminist. This clearly was not why the idea of feminism was established. The basic aim of Feminism has been the same since centuries which is to protect the women, upliftment of women, granting them equal status and rights as men.
But today the scope of the same has been limited to satisfy the ego and stupidity of certain people who proclaim to be true, fair and feminists but actually are the culprits. People Calling themselves feminist do not realise that they have a responsibility towards the women who are supressed for real, the one’s who are victims of atrocities. These are people who on ground level do zero work for the purpose, thereby defaming both the movement and the actual feminist.
Measures should be taken to spread awareness among people as that is the only way to stop the misuse of the same.