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Samriti Sharma
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Today we are living in 21st century but still single mothers continue to be looked at differently in our society. First of all they are looked at with sympathy, shock or contempt. I personally here fail to understand that absence of father in Indian society disregards the legitimacy of a single mother as a parent. due to the patriarchal setup of the society such single mothers have always been a victim of criticism be it from friends, family or any other social group. the society however can never change but we can, undoubtably it becomes difficult at first to manage all the things alone with the utmost responsibility of a child but then as it is said nothing is impossible. so, there have been many instances where the women didn’t allow to suppress them and fought back for their rights as a competent parent in society confidently.
although the fact cant not be ignored that single mothers have to face a lot of hardships. the main challenges faced are the right bringing up of a child, they have to face illicit approaches by other men, single mothers are often victims of sexual harassment. it has been righty said that “being single doesn’t mean she’s available”.
it is high time today that instead of considering single mothers week, their strength, courage and efforts should be recognized and appreciated publicly, this will not only enhance self esteem but would also contribute in regaining her lost reputation in the market. the judgmental aspect of the society needs to be changed if we really desire to live in a free and democratic country.