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Samriti Sharma
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As a general notion we always try to distinguish between the mental and physical health. But in reality the two are interrelated. A person is considered healthy when he has a good mental health leading to a healthy physical body. On the other hand poor mental health can negatively impact your physical health.
Today in the society we are prioritising looks over everything this is the reason why everyone one person among three is health conscious to the level that they only focus on the physical aspect completely ignoring the mental health. There have been instances that a person who’s physically fit and fine end up in depression ultimately affecting their over-all health and so it here becomes important that we should prioritise both.
In the modern world today many issues related to mental health are being raised and acknowledge Which include the following: cronic depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder which so includes sleep disorders, psychological disorders etc.
WHO has rightly stated that “mental health is more than just the absence of mental disorder or disabilities”.
It here becomes necessary to acknowledge that mental health issues are on peak as almost 59 % of the population across the world are suffering from the same.
Both the aspects should be given equal importance abd should be acknowledged actively with adequate Measures for the people suffering in silence.