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Samriti Sharma
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I completely agree with the statement mentioned above , yes the women has the sole decision in requesting an abortion.
The term abortion literally means the procedure to end pregnancy. Every women across the world has her own reasons to take this decision on her own as the same is a part of the human rights Which are available to everyone by the very virtue of his/her being a human. Throughout human history the concept of abortion has been controversial and evolving and since ages has been connected to the societal norms and culture. It becomes important to acknowledge here that women has the right to Life, to Liberty, she also had been given the right to her reproductive and sexual health. The right to abortion has been recognised both at national and international level by various laws. If we looked at from the Indian perspective there are la s which permits abortion in certain exceptional situations which include it there is a danger to the life of the pregnant women or any grave injury to her mental or physical health. It wasn’t so always as it was considered illegal or was permitted by the permission of her husband, guardian or legal representative not considering her in the list but now with the advancement of technology and the modern times the right of a woman in regard to her property has been recognised actively which entrusted her with the right to decide for abortion.
The supreme court had also stated that privacy is implicit in article 21 which includes right to abortion within it’s purview.