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Aditi Sahu
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Times have changed, a lot of women are doing paid jobs now. Be it women having their own beauty salons, or them working as managers of big corporations, the majority of women are now employed. Such a scenario would make you think, now that women are doing paid jobs just like men, men must be engaging in the household chores as that is an obvious way to bring equality in the society; unfortunately, as practical as this may seem, it isn’t the true picture.

Household chores still remain, to this day and age, women’s duty. No matter how much society preaches of becoming equal and indiscriminating, such things keep on happening because of the age old patriarchy. The society has fit the idea in their minds that household chores can only be done by women. If men engage in chores, they are either applauded too much or they are shamed for doing a “woman’s job”.

It is about time that such backward mentality should change and we move towards a society that doesn’t just preach about equality but keeps the guts to follow through.