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038 deepika Singh
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Household chores like doing the laundry, cleaning the utensils, taking care of children and making food is always done by women. If both, husband and wife are working, it is always the woman doing the domestic work.
Observing that a wife marriage is a partnership based on equality and but still the wife is expected to do all the household chores, the Bombay High Court recently upheld the conviction of a man, who killed his wife with a hammer only because she refused to prepare tea for him. – via The Free Press Journal
Once a woman is married she needs to leave her house and her family, go to the boys house and accept his family. She is one who is supposed to stay at home and look after her ‘new family’. She is reminded multiple times that she needs to ‘behave’ as an inferior character since she is a ‘wife’. She is told to compromise her dreams in order to fit in the boxes of ‘stereotypes’ of our society.
Our society, preaches the idea of a woman limited to being a mere ‘housewife’ serving her family. I believe that If women have the passion for being housewives, they should go for it, if not then they should be able to choose what they want for themselves.