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038 deepika Singh
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How can a piece of clothing define the whole character of a person? It is difficult to live in a society for a woman where she is judged 24/7 on the basis of the length of her skirt, the size of her heels, the look of her cleavage and what not! We live in a society where people keep on passing quick judgements on the basis of what a woman wears. They judge a woman’s character by the size of her dress. ‘Attention seekers’ is what they call her. If a boy passes on a foul comment on a girl then people are quick to first judge the girl for being such an attention seeker in turn excusing the behaviour of the boy. Women are at fault and are victims at the same time. This is the kind of society we live in!
Why cant girls wear clothes as per their wish, as per their comfort and their liking? They have full right on their body and should be able to cover it in whatever manner they want to. The society needs to change their thinking and not the clothes of women. Every women have the right to be treated equally and not be judged by the size of their dress.