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038 deepika Singh
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The answer is a big NO. All a marriage means to woman is sacrifice. The biggest sacrifice is that a women has to leave her house and her family, go to the boys house and accept his family. She is one who is supposed to stay at home and look after her ‘new family’. She is reminded multiple times that she needs to ‘behave’ as an inferior character since she is a ‘wife’. She is told to compromise her dreams in order to fit in the boxes of ‘stereotypes’ of our society. Many women fail to pursue their education and live the lives of their dreams due to the senseless typical mindset of out society. Some parents do their part by just graduating their girl and making her an educated, skilled, marriage material’ women.
Women are all- rounders! They are capable of working, earing, looking after their family, their children, managing their household but still they are taken for granted. Their efforts and hard work is often labelled as their ‘responsibility’ and are not given the respect and appreciation they deserve. Instead they are told to adhere to the societal norms, sit at home and performs their duties I.e kill their dreams and live for others. But why only them? Why not a man? Because this is how our society works. This is the dirt and filth filled inside the brains of our people. And till the time this dirt is not flushed out, their is no way our women will ever achieve as equal treatment as men.