Afshan Iqbal
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Women are the only ones who work reluctantly irrespective of any situation. The Covid-19 Pandemic was no exception. Whether women were at home doing household work and taking care of their families or whether they were working as a frontline worker, in every way they were contributing to society. There were women who started tiffin services for covid infected people, some were taking care of the groceries of the old people. Some were contributing through participation and leadership in all spheres of life, including high-level decision-making processes at international, national, regional and local levels is key. Women have played an enormous role in efforts to flatten the curve of infection and position their nations for economic recovery. Many NGOs and non-profit organizations were started by women to help the poor people during this hard time. While working women were no less contributing to their company, some companies have laid off women from their companies during this crisis. Women were jobless because of the lay off in their companies. The house helpers lost their jobs as people were reluctant to contact outsiders. It was a tough time for everyone but women remained determined and contributed to the best of their capabilities. They played a very important role in curbing the virus infection and also played a role in managing the Covid-19 pandemic.