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Afshan Iqbal
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Earlier women were not even allowed to step outside their homes alone so just forget about education or working outside. Our society failed as a whole to provide women equality and to eradicate patriarchy from the lives of women. Women weren’t allowed to work outside their homes but the times have changed and it’s not just a man’s world anymore. Women are making an impact in every field and they are leading in every way. There is no place where we find women any less than men. So, why do women typically earn less and have less secure jobs? Why don’t we give them the well-deserved positions that society has always ignored just because of their gender? The question is why?
Women were always supposed to work at home and the fact that women are working outside homes is still not digested by society so women are not paid equally. When a woman is seen doing a job, the one question that pops up in everyone’s mind is “How will she manage?”. People start assuming that a working woman won’t be able to manage her personal and professional life and will be bad in either of them. People start judging her and make a prior conception that she is a bad wife/mother/daughter-in-law/employee etc. Women also may face career problems because of stereotypes that they are more family-oriented and less committed to their careers. Women earn only one-tenth of the world’s income despite working two-thirds because of the concept of sexism and patriarchy and the persisting problem of societal stereotypes associated with them. Women are considered vulnerable to doing hard work. They are considered emotional and weak to take up the positions that men get. The concept of a man working outside and being a breadwinner for the family while a woman should work inside and take care of the household is still prevalent in most households. When it comes to the workplace, sometimes there are traces of women falling prey to misogyny. When men witness women doing better than them, they hardly accept a woman’s leadership and as a result, she is required to work in a tactful environment where her opinions do not matter as much and she gets paid less than her male colleague. This needs to stop as soon as possible. We need to understand that women are capable enough to be the best in their work-life. Women have the ability to wear many hats while balancing careers, households, and other jobs so discriminating against them for their gender is purely stupid and paying less than what they deserve is completely illogical and a threat to the growth of the world. So yes, women typically earn less and hold less secure jobs than men because of this society and its illogical perspectives.