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Aditi Sahu
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Female foeticide —sometimes I question myself that why is this an issue or a topic in first place! Why do people think of girls as a burden on their shoulders? Why is there such a huge gap between two genders of human society?
My mind hates to define this but, female foeticide is the practice of killing of an “unborn” girl child inside their mother’s womb.

By different illegal ways or methods people try to figure out the gender of the child and if it turns out to be a female, they try to kill that child before it takes birth. Their brutal actions don’t even let the baby enter this world. Due to this ill-practice the sex ratio of several countries turn out to be very low with respect to females. Everyone wants children but no one wants the female child who will become a future mother of these children, strange but unfortunately true.

Female foeticide is a disgusting practice that needs to be stopped immediately! Obviously times have changed and there has been significantly less cases of female foeticide due a lot of reasons like stricter laws, but even if there is one case of female foeticide in our country, then we have failed as human beings. We see people around us raising slogans such as “save girl child “, ” let them live in this world”, etc etc. But why is there such a situation in front of us? One should understand that this planet is not the residence of just males. It is high time that we realise that female foeticide is a sin, and it should definitely be put in a dustbin!