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Shreya Shukla
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Women are not safe at their workplace. In today’s time when a woman is not safe at her home, I think it would be undoubtedly correct to expect that they are unsafe outside. They face harassment at their workplaces and it doesn’t matter whether they are helpers, employees or any other designation.
And the worse is that very few of them are reported. These are not reported sometimes because women don’t want to and most of the time because of family and societal pressure. This silence leads to crimes against women. And it’s not about the happening at the workplace, it happens everywhere whether she is a working or non-working woman. At malls, weddings, functions, etc. and even at religious places.
At workplaces, male colleagues touch their female colleagues inappropriately and on being answered back they deny by justifying their disgusting act. Molestation takes place in the name of promotions in organisations. These kinds of inhuman activities have to be stopped otherwise, women will never try to open their wings and fly high to achieve what they want from their lives. They wouldn’t support their daughters for opting for a career, seeing these problems at workplaces.