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Samriti Sharma
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The answer here would be a NO, Justice a word that we all have heard million time but do we really understand the real intention behind these letters.
The term in literal sense means just behaviour or treatment. When it comes to Justice there lies no scope for gender biasness in my personal opinion. As we all are aware in our constitution too it has been explicitly mentioned that Judiciary will be that branch of the government which shall function independently. The Justice system of any country is the basic foundation which undoubtedly is fair and free from any kinds of prejudices.
We always in common conversations associate judiciary with equality and fairness. This is because justice always works on the principles of Equity. How on earth can be judiciary be gender biased when it’s prime function is to eliminate the same from society?
Let’s not forget here various judgements passed by the honourable Supreme Court of India favouring various rights of women be it related to property, education, protection against harassment etc. A judge always always decides on the facts of the case, the laws that have been laid down and not the gender of the person.
Judiciary makes no distinction between offenders, the one who violates the provisions of law is punished on the same grounds be it men or women the law is applicable to every citizen of the nation equally. Every particular Law protects and punishes the people of the nation equally. Here it is important to understand that yes there are some different provisions for fixing the quantum of punishment in certain exceptional circumstances but that can’t be considered gender biasness. For example women can’t be arrested at night, pregnant women in Jail are given preferential treatment during pregnancy. The same is done to protect and respect the very dignity of women and not to create a gender divide. There have been instances where law has been misused by not only men but women too, but for that act we cannot blame the institution as a whole. The trial for murder in a competent court of law is tried legally with the set procedure irrespective of the fact that the accused is a women or men. There is no provision in Law which states that the punishment for any particular offence shall be reduced keeping in mind the gender. Gender biasness has no place in judiciary.