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Samriti Sharma
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Biasness in simple terms can be understood as the preference of one thing over the another in a unfair manner. Similarly when it comes to gender biasness it here means in an Indian society particularly male preference over women.
Gender bias today is something that exists in every aspect of our lives.
Women have been a victim of this practice of gender biasness not from years but centuries now. This tendency to prefer one gender over the other is a form of implicit bias. There are various examples of gender biasness around us most common of which is social institutions of families.
In our society patriarchal norms hold a significant place as power and control are always in the hands of men. In a Joint Hindu Family the eldest male member of the family is considered as ‘karta’, the head of the family.
The most visible aspect of gender biasness can be seen in terms of education. Here gender biasness exists not only in the mindset of families and society but indirectly the same is conveyed through textbooks as well. There are pictures showing women doing her stereotypical roles. Moreover there are still communities that do not favour women education and so deprive them of the basic and essential right to education.In 21st century too people in rural areas believe that women are best suited for household work and should be confined to them.
Today gender bias is also seen in workplaces where male members are given various benefits and facilities and women performance is not valued equally.
The steps that can be taken up to minimise the same is to spread awareness among people about gender equality and to motivate them to step out of the patriarchal setup. Various steps have been taken to promote girl education which is a must, as a well aware women would build a better future to live in.