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Afshan Iqbal
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Feminism as I have perceived it to be is the belief that men and women should have equal rights. It’s about acknowledging both the genders equally, none more or less than the other. It’s about assuring that girls and women get the same opportunities that boys and men get in their lives. It’s about learning, unlearning, and relearning the basic concept associated with women’s equality. It’s not about hating men. It’s not about women’s superiority. It’s about accepting women as equals whether in a political, economic, or social context. Feminism is about fighting for equality and addressing issues faced by both genders. It is not necessary that feminists should be females, they can be of any gender. True feminism supports both men and women and understands that both genders have problems that need to be solved. Feminism is about accepting and empowering women to stand up for their rights and not about ridiculing other genders or hating other genders. The radical thoughts of feminism give birth to Pseudo-feminism. Pseudo-feminists want a world that is ruled solely by women and they use feminism as a tool to propagate their idea of superiority. This is a reason that many people do not support feminism and call feminism a fake movement, there are also many gender clashes because of the false portrayal of feminism in society. The truth is that the whole movement cannot be defined by only a fraction of pseudo-feminists. Women deserve equality, not superiority. Feminism is for everybody. Both genders have the right to feel vulnerable or strong. Feminism is a movement that fights against the inequality of women and it is about all genders deserving a fair chance. Everyone needs to know what exactly is feminism and that doesn’t mean anything other than equality of all genders. It should not be confused with other baseless things such as superiority and blame-game against men or any other gender and obviously hatred. The movement is about the equality of women in all aspects of life. That’s it.