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038 deepika Singh
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Why is it always a woman who is barred from education? Many women fail to pursue their education and live the lives of their dreams due to the senseless typical mindset of out society. Some parents do their part by just graduating their girl and making her an educated, skilled, marriage material’ women. There are various obstacles that a girl faces in order to get proper education. The prime factor behind this is the socio- cultural ideologies of our society. Our society expects women to do all the house chores and look after their family. They are more likely to be married even before they turn eighteen.
Many families are unwillingly, not able to send their girls to school because they simply cannot afford it. So they prefer marrying their daughters a much task than carrying on the burden of educating them. The ever increasing number of gender-based violence is another factor leading to the decrease in the number of girls’ enrollment in schools.

When a girls receives education, it helps her in all aspects of her life. It is a fact that girls who are well-educated and are capable of earning on their own are less likely to faces any kinds of abuses from their husband. It is rightly stated that “Educating a boy is educating a person… Educating a girl is educating a nation”.