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Samriti Sharma
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As a matter of fact we know that freedom to make choices is a basic human right guaranteed to all the people by the very virtue of being human. If looked at from a broader perspective this right is basically protected by the Human Rights Law. Having a life without a choice is considered meaningless because one is decisions in life be it personally or professionally.
Talking about women in particular it is very necessary to acknowledge here that after being dominated by males for years finally it was after the independence of the country that the status of women was given a fair recognition in the society. For years now we have lived in a society where majority of the decision-making in a family are taken by what they feel is right for her without consulting the one for whom the decision was being taken.
Women in our society were never given a free hand to take major decisions for themselves independently on their own. Women have the right to choose what they want to do with their life, how they want to dress, whom they want to marry, what they want to be, and other major decisions.
And so right to choose is the major right which should be exercised by every women for a more balanced and an independent life.