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038 deepika Singh
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I think each and every person in our country can answer this question without a second thought. The issue of women’s safety in India is constantly in news. Women travellers are not at all save in India. This is has got prominent to an extent that now if something happens to a girl while travelling alone the blame immediately goes to her. Why did she travel alone? What was the need of travelling at night? Various questions like these are thrown upon women if they are met with any incident outside their homes. Our government, our society has constantly been failing to provide safety to women. However we must not at all cost conclude from this, that women should be confined to their homes for their safety. If we look at the statistics most women are raped and harmed by men they know. They are harassed and attacked in their own houses. So we cannot excuse such crimes by restricting our women in their houses, this only gives rise to sexism.

Its good for us as women to follow strategic steps for our safety while heading outside our homes alone. However, if not in our hand to prevent a mishap. All we can do is take the necessary prevention try to protect ourselves.