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Shreya Shukla
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Work-life balance is preached to women because of pre-existing patriarchal thinking. Women have been expected to take care of their families and children. It’s unfortunate to say that but women are pressurised for all kinds of household chores. Though it is not written in any mythological books or law still it is presumed, girls have to take care of everything and don’t matter what they are going through.
They have to do everything irrespective of her needs. Most of the time she keeps her personal needs and works at the last of her priority list. Since her childhood, she is made to realize that after marriage she has to make a balance between her job and household tasks. And suppose if she gets a spouse who supports her by helping her then also people say that his wife is so irresponsible that he has to work even in the house. We need an understanding and a changed mindset of society. Women are also human beings, they need some care, respect and support too. Everyone should help them at their level.