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Aditi Sahu
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Our world has developed a lot during the past decades and centuries, but one thing that has remained constant is the failure of governments to make this world SAFE for women. Women live in a constant fear of the threats that society poses to them day after day. One such threat is the unsafe public transportation.

Public transport plays a major role in a lot of people’s life to commute to their jobs and various other things. But we have failed women time and time again by making this public transport unsafe for them. A lot heinous acts such as rape and molestation take place in the public transport, we hear the news and we do nothing except maybe walk in a candle march. But what would those candle marches do if we are not making change at the base level? We need to have to availability of safe transportation for women, if even the public transport can’t be safe for them, then what will be? Should women just sit inside the four walls of their house? No, right? So if we want them to step out and live their lives freely, we have got take necessary steps and make this world a safer place for them.