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Samriti Sharma
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It has been rightly stated that, there is so much to a women than what she wears. Almost every individual has an opinion to put forward when it comes to dressing style of a women in particular there are many misconceptions about the dress size of a woman that are directly related to seeking attention but so is not the case.
First of all there is not any outfit in our society which a women can carry without being judged on. Girls wearing short dresses are considered attention seekers by not only men but also by women around.To put it simply it here can be said that yes, we live in a judgemental society. Why is it so hard for people to understand that that the length of a dress worn by a women doesn’t define her character to be judged upon. It is just a simple dressing sense which is not admired by many due to their backward thinking but this shouldn’t be carried on as it’s a pure harassment to a person as everyone has a right to express themselves and many di so by dressing up the way they want.
I believe it is high time to understand here that women dress up for themselves and not for any other person. It does not necessarily mean that if we as a society don’t like or approve something then we’ve got the right to criticize the same.
We are progressing as a society in many aspects but a handful of people are still stuck on the old ways of judging women. I would like to conclude here by words of Bryant Collins who Said “Never judge a book by it’s cover until you’ve read the pages that are in between the book”.