Samriti Sharma
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Leadership is a skill acquired by an individual which here should not be associated with gender.
Women offcourse are capable of becoming great leaders provided they are given adequate opportunities and representation in various socio-economic and cultural aspects.
A good leader undoubtedly is the one who is capable enough of understanding the problems, the grievances of the society as a whole and to present equitable solutions to the same.
The world today including India needs women leaders who address the issues faced by women actively, there are still many instances where women are abstained from exercising their various rights and enjoy the freedom given to them and these issues can be brought into light by nine other but women leaders who understand the atrocities being committed on women. Women representation not only empowers the status of a woman in a society but also helps here to enhance her capabilities of standing up for not only herself but for others as well.
The question with us today is how women can become good leaders?
The straight and simple answer to the same is education as it forms the basis of the personality of an individual in the way that they become aware about their certain rights and duties. Educated women are more likely to become good leaders. Education today is the biggest asset of an individual if looked at from a broader perspective specifically in regard to women because is clearly enables them to understand what is good or bad for them and then also to decide for themselves independently.