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Aditi Sahu
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Feminism is the movement that aims to dismantle patriarchy and liberate women. When feminists talk about the upliftment of women, a lot of insecure people convince themselves that feminism is trying to downcast men by uplifting women. It is a human tendency to believe that when someone is not talking about their rights, then that someone must be against them, but that is not the true picture.

Just because feminism talks about women’s rights, it doesn’t want men to be stripped off of their rights. Feminism talks about women’s rights because it has disproportionately always been women that have been deprived of their basic rights and not men. Of course, even men don’t get some rights because of patriarchy that they should be getting, but the rights that women have been deprived of are far more than those of men. Feminism just aims to give women the freedom that they never received in the first place, it doesn’t, in any way, tries to take men’s rights away. In fact, the dismantling of patriarchy—which is one of the primary goals of feminist movement—will itself lend men numerous rights.

So to answer the question, is feminism against men? No, it is not. Wanting the rights for women does not mean it has to be at the expense of men’s rights. Both men and women can live in harmony with both having the same rights. One does not have to be superior to the other to co-exist as humans. So feminism never was, and never will be against men.