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Afshan Iqbal
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Feminism is the belief that men and women should have equal rights. Feminism is about fighting for equality and addressing issues faced by both genders. It is not necessary that feminists should be females, they can be of any gender. True feminism supports both men and women and understands that both genders have problems that need to be solved. In our society every day in some way it happens that men and women are not treated equally. when a girl is born, the first toys she gets is either a doll or a kitchen set, she is likely to behave “like a girl” and only focus on learning how to cook or clean which sets a base that when she grows up all she has to do is work in the kitchen, take care of her family and do household chores. Even if a girl is allowed to work outside it is limited to a certain parameter. She is stated to pursue teaching, nursing or to work in an environment where there is hardly any encounter with males. She is considered “too emotional and sensitive” for hard work. Certainly, times have changed and women are soaring in every field. By feminism, we understand society better because we get to know how people still perceive women in hardcore works. It helps us to understand the notion that society has for women. If a person supports feminism, we know they will give equal respect and opportunities to women. It builds a woman’s confidence to work in a place where feminism is encouraged or supported. When we see a man being a feminist, it is easier to build trust with him. If a woman is married in a family who believes in feminism, she has no fear of compromising her dreams. Feminism really helps us to understand our society either in a positive or a negative way. Feminism has changed society and we are still in the process for betterment.