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Aditi Sahu
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Yes, I totally agree with the statement that patriarchy is bad and feminism is good. Patriarchy is the structure that makes sure that the dominance of men over women prevails. On the other hand, feminism is the movement that aims to dismantle patriarchy and liberate women. In today’s society, when the crimes and tortures against women are so prevalent, it is no surprise to see that patriarchy still exists everywhere. Women still fear for their lives whenever they step out of their homes. They fear for their lives no matter where they are. And the only solution to all of this is feminism. Patriarchy is the reason that society’s harmful mindset has still persisted. Things like gender roles and unreasonable beauty standards for women, are all in one way or the other a product of patriarchy.

The only solution to improve the society that patriarchy has created is feminism. We desperately feminism in our lives. People need to understand the concept of feminism, and why it matters so much. We need to adopt feministic standards in our everyday life, be at homes or at the workplace or literally anywhere else. We need to have principles that conform to feminism and follow them. Only then, our society can be free of unjust practices like patriarchy and misogyny.