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Aditi Sahu
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Women are emotional. A phrase so casually uttered that it has now become one of the biggest stereotypes. And what good have stereotype ever done?

All human beings regardless of their gender are emotional beings. We have to ability to feel things and express our emotions through words or actions. So why is being emotional consider such a bad thing in our society? Why have we, as a society, determined that showing emotions is a sign of weakness? In fact, holding our emotions inside for too long, and getting affected by them is what makes us weak. Now coming to women, are women really emotional? Of course they are, just like other human beings of different genders. But when someone says women are emotional, more often than not, they are not just describing women, they are probably trying to show that women are weak. But that is not so! All human beings are allowed to be emotional, whether men or women. This harmful stereotype about women has only led to men being highly secretive about their emotions because they fear judgement from the society, and that has only led to their poor mental health.

So it’s time for us to understand that firstly, we are emotional beings, we are supposed to be emotional. And secondly, being emotional is not a sign of weakness. Once our society understands this clearly, then only people would feel safe and welcomed to share their emotions and that will only lead to the betterment of their mental health.