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Samriti Sharma
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The word Rights is so frequently used in the present day society yet we fail to understand the true meaning of the same. Undoubtedly yes there are certain rights which have been guaranteed to all of us equally, which are also known as ‘Fundamental Rights’ vested in our Indian constitution but then again Fundamental rights too have not been successful in protecting the interests of many people due to the simple reason that most of us aren’t aware on the ground level that what exactly has been provided to us.
Which brings us back to the question that should women in in particular be made aware about their rights?
The answer to this isn’t some specific formula but an effort that is being made presently and should be made to make them aware.
To begin with I believe that Education is the primary means to do the same. Girls should be taught these rights from the school itself including both private and public institutions. Education works as a sword among all odds. The person who has knowledge is fully capable of speaking up for herself, for her rights and also of others.
Secondly comes our social responsibility to talk about rights freely and to not let men supress women any longer. Social responsibility of not dominating women but to allow them to speak for themselves.
Along with this the law is doing it’s best to make innocent women aware by means of lok Adalats which are being organised in remote rural areas to enlighten women in particular who have dwelled themselves in vicious cycle of poverty and supression throughout their lives to finally have a chance to speak up for an themselves with the help of laws which are indeed made for their protection and development at the basis level.