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Aditi Sahu
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A lot of ancient Indian texts and sculptures portray or have certain parts dedicated to homosexuality. Both the texts as well as the sculptures form a part of any culture, so instead of asking why homosexuality is against Indian culture, we should be asking is homosexuality against Indian culture?

The answer would be an easy no. Just go visit the Khajuraho temples and take a look at the sculptures there, many of them would be erotic sculptures of two men. If homosexuality is against Indian culture, how come sculptures on such a famous temple are portraying it? Indian culture is known for treating everything as it is. It doesn’t shy away from talking about topics such as sex which are widely regarded as taboos. Take Kamasutra for example, not only does this ancient Indian text talk about sex between men and women, it has a whole chapter dedicated to homosexuality. So how can we, the so called modern Indians have decided that homosexuality is against our culture? Because the evidence proves that it is simply not. It is just as normal as any other sexuality.

We got freedom from the British long ago, but apparently their mentality still stays with us, and this includes their stance on homosexuality. Criminalization of homosexual acts took place during the British rule, and we carried it with us till the landmark decision in 2018. And even after the decriminalization of homosexual acts between consenting adults by the court, the common people’s homophobia remains the same. A lot of homophobic Indians give the excuse that homosexuality is against Indian culture. But we need to ask them, is it really against our culture? Or has our ignorance and the influence of the British have blinded us so much that we cannot even see that our culture was never against homosexuality? Instead it is us, who have still remained colonized by the British after years and years of living under independence.