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Aditi Sahu
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Gender inequality by its definition, means the unequal treatment of someone on the basis of their gender. It does not state which gender. So in a country like India, if someone asks whether women are the only victims of gender inequality, the short answer would be a no. But a nuanced answer would be a little complicated.

Gender inequality has weakened the roots of our constitution in many ways and it continues to do so by perpetuating and promoting the gender based stereotypes in the minds of the country’s youth. People are treated unequally on the basis of gender on the basis of general stereotypes and prejudices. Women are certainly not the only victim of gender inequality. Men suffer due to the harmful beliefs in the country’s minds as well. But there is one significant difference between the gender inequality that men and women face.

The gender inequality that men face is merely due to the harmful mindset of the society. Men’s unequal treatment can be curbed once we get rid of the gender based stereotypes. The gender inequality faced by women, on the other hand, is a totally different matter. Women are not only facing unequal treatment due to the society’s harmful mindset, but in addition to that, they are facing systemic gender inequality since the time immemorial. The gender inequality against women cannot simply be stopped by changing people’s backward mindset, we need to change and modify the whole system of the country that is designed inherently against women! That is the only way we can achieve gender equality for women on all levels in the fair sense.