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Afshan Iqbal
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Education is the first step that we take towards understanding our rights, ourselves, and everything that exists in this world. Earlier girls didn’t get the chance to study and had less or no exposure to schools and colleges. If the girls were educated it was confined to home tutors but things have changed and girls started getting proper education. We all know that men and women have to co-exist together but why when it comes to the education of boys and girls at school, they are separated? If girls and boys have to co-exist in an environment then why not start from scratch? Being a student of a co-ed school, I know the importance of boys and girls studying together. There are many perks of studying with boys. For instance, as a girl, you know how to handle a situation where boys are being disrespectful and trying to hamper your confidence. As a girl, you can stand up for yourself and put your perspectives with full confidence. When a girl who studied in a co-ed school grows up and faces the world, it is easier for her to work with men and she develops confidence and understands male psychology better than those who have been studying in an all-girls school. When I look at the men who studied in a co-ed school, I feel they respect women more, they understand and cooperate with women and they don’t consider women as weak and believe in gender equality in comparison to those who studied in an all-boys school. In a world where women and men have to exist together, we need co-education of girls and boys, it is the need of the hour and it will surely eliminate gender inequality, job segregation, uneven access to education, sexual violence from this world.